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Aza Zeynalova - Piano Teacher

Aza Zeynalova

As a  professional pianist with more than 30 years experience of teaching to all levels and ages, Aza offers a special approach to her students, aimed at developing their individual abilities and talents.  This has resulted in many of her students participating successfully in competitions and festivals.

Working with both children and adults, her unique style and performing career has gained Aza an enviable reputation as an exceptional teacher. By using the highly regarded Russian methodology of teaching piano, Aza not only expertly builds up technique and develops musicality but she also inspires enthusiasm and a life-long love of music in the hearts of her students. 

Children lessons
for Grades and Personal pleasure

Aza is well known amongst North Oxford schools and has developed fantastic relationships over her teaching career. Developing children’s musical ability from school age, she embeds a passion for music whilst instilling proper technique and making the experience fun.

Giving children the proper foundation and building their confidence, Aza enables her students to progress through their grading exams with 100% success rate. Working with the individual child, she can tailor her teaching to secure not only successful progression through the grades, but also an ongoing love for the piano. 

“The competitions and events which Aza has encouraged me to enter have given me a welcome opportunity to play in public.”
James Morgan
Under Aza's tuition, Daniel, age 13, scored the highest mark in the piano Grade 7 exam for the whole of the UK.
Daniel Brooks


Aza Zeynalova - Piano Teacher
Aza Zeynalova - Piano Teacher

Adult Learners

Aza warmly welcomes adult learners whether they are beginners, returners or improvers as it is her passion to share the joy of music with each one. Aza believes it is never too late for an adult to fulfil what may have been a long-standing wish to learn to play the piano or to pick up from where they may have left off in their youth. She has found many of her adult students have rediscovered a love and interest in music. Some have renewed a confidence that had seemed faded and many now find their piano lesson has become a special moment in their lives. 

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"As an adult beginner I was really excited to leave my first lesson with Aza having played something with both hands. Aza is always kind about finding me music that I enjoy."
Lynne Maddocks


"Returning to the piano after a 15 year break, I was so fortunate to find Aza. Aza is an exceptional teacher who has already taken my piano journey further than I ever thought would be possible- amazing considering our lessons have been by Skype during the pandemic!

Aza makes it so enjoyable to learn and I could not recommend her highly enough."
Anika Sud

Diploma level

"Aza is an inspiring, perceptive and insightful teacher who guided me successfully through the Diploma ABRSM and continues to enhance and develop my interpretation, understanding, and ultimately my enjoyment of the music."
Clare Macewen
“I had a long break after my 8 years of piano in my youth. Aza is helping me re-establish my confidence and intimate contact with music. I enjoy every moment of my lessons with her and am so pleased to have a kind teacher who knows exactly how to deal with me and also shows me how to practice. My piano lessons with Aza are the highlights of my weeks.” 
Evelina Ferrar
"At the tender age of 40 having no classical musical knowledge I decided to start to learn the piano. After about a year and 2 tutors I nearly gave up when I came across Aza’s website and joined her class. After the first lesson I was hooked! She will bring out the best in your musical ability regardless of your level."
Dr Pepe Kenth
Aza Zeynalova - Piano Teacher

Tuition Fees

£20 Half Hour
£40 Full Hour

£50 Diploma Level – Full Hour

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Aza Zeynalova - Piano Teacher